Cinderella is a giant

Very very busy at the moment but i’ve managed to sneak some time in for a quick blog!

I went for my weekly mooch round the charity shops at the weekend and came across the biggest shoe i have EVER seen! It was like a modern day version of Cinderella accept the shoe was available to buy and Cinders was a butch lesbian with massive feet. At first i was convinced it must have been some sort of novelty fancy dress shoe but it wasn’t, it was a real live shoe! I know it probably doesn’t look that big but it was a size 17!!!

10337736_10152843795344612_8443183225064678089_n 10636166_10152843797924612_4253568680487235721_n

I wish I had managed to get a pic of my foot next to it because i am a size 3, but i was already getting weird looks off people for taking photos of it. I’m hoping it will still be there this weekend unless there is an actual giant living round here.

I’ve been involved in quite a few meetings recently which has opened up a whole new world to me – to handshake or not to handshake. Seems it’s the done thing when you have a ‘business’ meeting. The first time, I had the wrong hand full of papers so quickly had to change hands but managed to drop said papers in the process. Not the best first impression i’ve ever made! Today, I anticipated it way too early and basically had my hand just there, waiting. I had to put it in my pocket so i didn’t look weird. Then just as i had given up waiting, he put his hand out ready for me to whip mine out of my pocket. I must have looked like a cowboy ready to draw! It was a good handshake though, a little sweaty on his part but you could tell it was a mutually agreeing business handshake unlike the ones with some of the cricket teams we play against. Some may as well not bother! It’s like trying to grip a limp fish!

So here is a guide to handshaking, something we can all learn from I hadn’t even thought about point 6 – what to do with your other hand! Who knew these things were so complex!



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