Animal farm

My body hurts – My thighs feel like they are knotted. Yesterday I helped my cricketing pal Kips do some decorating and today I played some indoor cricket at the uni. Just as I had gotten used to the season being over and not playing for a while the cricket bug is back and i’m gutted I won’t be playing again until after Christmas. Least it gives me some time to get in shape, by that i mean a round shape because of all the malteasers i’m eating at the moment. I have a serious addiction!

Our house/garden is turning into a bit of a farm, well a random mixed farm! So firstly we have 3 fur babies, Mylo the dog, 2 cats, Leo and Disco and 2 gerbils we adopted, Deborah and Noodles. We have Nigel the fox who is always seen mooching about the garden. Then there’s little baby porridge, the bat who flies the same route every night in the back garden and most recently Big B the spider who has taken over the porch. Here is the big bitch,


I know she probably doesn’t look that big on the pic but from leg to leg she must be about 4 inches. Whilst i really don’t like spiders, I don’t mind her being outside where i can see her but when i went to the door earlier she had gone. I’m hoping she’s off playing with Nigel and she’s not making herself comfy in my bed! I don’t know when my fear of the 8 legged freaks really started but I do remember when I was a lot younger sitting in my nana’s living room eating breakfast when a spider came running from behind the TV towards me and trust me it was fast, it was like me running for a pizza! I remember it like it was yesterday and it still makes me shudder.

I’ve had quite a lot of views on the blog recently which is really nice.The post i wrote about Mrs Smith seemed to be a big hit, maybe people like reading about my softer side. I shall make an effort to write an extra nice post tomorrow.


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