Part 1 – Mylo vs Girls Aloud

Yesterday i promised I would try writing a nice post so who other to blog about than our lovely boy Mylo.

Mrs Smith and I had been to see Girls Aloud a few days before and were toying with the idea of going to get some tickets from the dodgy touts so we could go again. We couldn’t decide what to do before the evening beckoned so in the afternoon we decided to go to Manchester Dogs Home for a ‘look round’. We should have known then that we’d come back with something! Mrs Smith hadn’t been too well and I was looking for something to keep her spirits up and something that might give her a bit of routine. So, we got the bus down there not really knowing where we were going or what to expect.

When we arrived there were a few pups in a cage and then a lot of dogs at the back where the adoption area was. Mrs Smith pretty much spotted a dog straight away but I kept walking determined to look at them all. There were dogs of all colours and sizes, I still remember this little white one that sat bolt upright watching as you went along. You could tell she was thinking ‘pick me, pick me!’ It has heart breaking. I hadn’t really noticed any others that i was particularly drawn to but Mrs Smith had. The first one she had seen, a little girl called Sushi who was 11 months old. ‘Sushi!?’ I questioned. Ok, we’ll have a look! At first we couldn’t find her but then there she was all curled up in a ball. I asked the lady if we could look at her and pointed at the little ball of fur. ‘That’s not Sushi, that’s Mylo!’. We both ‘aww’d’ out loud – how embarrassing! He was very frightened and had his tail tucked well between his legs, he was very thin and his nose was cracked. The lady held him for a bit trying to make him feel safe, Mrs Smith called his name and he went straight over to her for a cuddle. He was coming home, we weren’t going to Girls Aloud. As we went to sort his paperwork out he came out of his shell and just kept giving me kisses. He was saying thank you i think, either that or i had leftover pizza round my face!

An photo of Mylo

An early photo of the boy

I remember walking home, Mylo in hand, thinking ‘Oh my god, i’ve got a dog!’ Neither of us had really owned a dog before – this was going to be interesting! We soon found out about his cheeky personality though, we took him to the park for a little play, he backed up into a bush to have a poo and looked at us with a big grin on his face.

We decided on the way home that we would come up with some house rules and keep him off the bed and the sofa…The first thing he did when we got him home was claim his spot on the bed! There goes the rule book…Here he is actually in the bed!

Snug as a bug

Snug as a bug

We then had to think of a way of telling our parents. It was like having to come out all over again! We decided to tell them we were looking after him for a work ‘friend’. We managed to keep it up for quite a while but in a moment of weakness I mentioned ‘the home’. The cat was officially out of the bag at least to Mrs Smith’s mum anyway, I don’t think I ever officially told my mum and dad. Oops! Just in case you’re reading this, that was a joke and we are still fostering him. Mylo loves meeting people as long as he’s getting some attention, give him a belly tickle and he’ll be your best friend. Here he is with his Aunty Em

2008, Me, pups and Em

2008, Me, pups and Em

Come back tomorrow for part 2 – The most expensive Easter in history!


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