Part 2 – The most expensive Easter in history

It’s part 2 of Mylo’s life story.

So I mentioned about Mylo’s cheeky personality yesterday, he can also be a bit mischievous too!

A few years ago around Easter time, Mrs Smith and I had gone shopping to buy some Easter eggs. We never usually bother to be honest and we certainly haven’t bothered since! We had come home to drop the shopping off but needed to pop straight back out again, I can’t remember why. What we forgot though was to put the chocolate eggs out of reach! Surely he wouldn’t go after the chocolate, would he…. I had gone off to work and got a phone call from Mrs Smith saying ALL the chocolate had gone! 2 big chocolate eggs, a box of Thorntons and 4 whispa bars. He loved the whispas so much that he had even eaten the wrappers on 3 of them! I knew dogs couldn’t have chocolate but i didn’t realise just how serious it could be. It was a Sunday so we needed an out of hours emergency vet, it was £130 just to be seen so i’ll let you do the maths about the eventual cost! My dad took Mrs Smith and the boy, who didn’t know what all the fuss was about, to the vet. After he had vomited it all up including what the vet said looked like a giant fish, he was in the clear. You’d think he would learn after his little adventure but he still loves his chocolate, it’s only the proper doggy stuff for him now though!

Apart from chocolate, Mylo also loves bedtime and duvet days on the sofa. He has become a bit of a diva over the last few years – he wants to be carried to bed. Clearly all the sleeping throughout the day is getting too much for him. Wouldn’t be so bad if he was a teacup sized dog, instead it looks like this

Beauty and the beast - I'll let you decide who is who!

Beauty and the beast – I’ll let you decide who is who!

Back tomorrow for Part 3 – What a bitch!


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