RIP Oxo mum

Such sad news. Lynda Bellingham has died.

She died yesterday in the loving arms of her devoted Mr Spain and despite the doctors giving her 48 hours to live, within a few she had sadly gone. I can’t imagine what it must be like for her family, firstly to know she was dying, then after planning their final days together, to be cruely taken away so soon. All she wanted was to see out one last Christmas with her family and friends and enjoy what time she had left, it’s so sad that her final wish didn’t come true.

Even though her cancer was terminal I was still shocked  and really saddened to here the news this morning. She was such a brave lady and throughout it all remained upbeat, composed and never without a smile on her face. She faced her cancer head on and was open and honest about it even though as she said, ‘it’s not considered a sexy cancer’ – Inspirational.

Not only was she a great actress but she did such brilliant work for the Alzheimer’s Society, a charity very close to my heart. I only had the pleasure of meeting her once but she was a truly lovely woman, down to earth with a great sense of humour.  You can see my post about meeting her here

Have fun up there, Lynda



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