Part 3 – What a b*tch!

So the hurricane arrived and i have to admit i was a little disappointed, but even during winds of 50mph why on earth do people continue to use umbrellas!? What is the point? I watched a man spend an age trying to turn his umbrella back the right way whilst he was getting battered by the rain.The only thing it does is slow you down, it certainly doesn’t keep you dry! I also nearly ended up eating a leaf today courtesy of Gonzalo, I was walking along on lunch eating my pizza slice from Greggs when i nearly took a bite into what i thought was just another piece of pepperoni! Eugh!

So onto part 3 of Mylo’s story.

As you can imagine, a handsome pup like Mylo has had a few lady friends in his time. Mostly stuffed. His number one is Barbara, a bunny. It must be true love because all the others have been ripped open, had their insides pulled out and their furry corpse left in the middle of the living room.

The remains of Toni the pony

The remains of Toni the pony

One girl that really didn’t like him though, was the girl dog living in the flat upstairs. Pups had gone for a little run round to the back garden one afternoon as he usually does except this time i heard lot of barking! I ran round the back to find this other dog with his mouth around Mylo’s neck, the guy she was with just standing there not knowing what to do. It was the most awful thing i have ever seen. Mylo was crying and this bitch was not letting go! I stepped in to try and take some of the pressure off pups neck probably very dangerous looking back but all i could do was stand there and watch. It seemed like ages before she finally let him go. Mylo was in shock and didn’t move. Mrs Smith scooped him up and rushed him inside – I was covered in dog saliva and mud! We were both in tears by this point and we didn’t know what damage had been done. We checked his neck and thankfully it had not been cut, his ear was bleeding from some cuts inside but apart from that he was physically ok. I don’t think I could begin to describe how I felt, it upsets me now just thinking about it. Amazingly he hasn’t ever shown any fear towards dogs since it happened, he still wants to play with anyone or anything and how could you resist with a smile like this


To us, he is not just a dog, he’s what makes our family.

Part 4 tomorrow – Fame and bones


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