Part 4 – Fame and bones

Busy busy weekend which i shall update you all on in a few days but for now a very very late part 4 of Mylo’s story – better late than never they say!

I love kids books, probably because i am still a big kid at heart and I’ve always wanted to write one – so i did! With such a personality and cats as brother and sister it didn’t take me long to come up with a story and who was to have the leading role! Basically, someone has stolen Mylo’s rice pudding and you follow him round on his journey as he tries to find the culprit. The most time consuming bit was doing the illustrations and making it all rhyme. I love it when things rhyme! After a lot of hard work, my first book was finished!

My book. Available to buy now!

My book. Available to buy now!


One of the inside pages

For the time being it is just something I have self published using the very fab and super easy but i hope to have it stocked in some little shops in the future. I have already sold quite a few and the feedback has been brilliant, i have an idea for the second one but the pressure is truly on to make it just as good. I can’t reveal what it’s called or what it will be about but I can reveal that there may be a few familiar faces cropping up!

Hot off the press fame for pups – After the tragic fire at Manchester Dogs Home there has been an amazing amount of work done to continue raising money for them, the latest is to do a calendar for 2015 and our pups will be one of the doggies on the front. I’m not sure how big his photo will be but it’s safe to say that his smile will be the biggest!

I could spend days and days going on about Mylo, i never get bored of looking at his beautiful face even after all this time. Maybe it’s because he looks extra handsome since he’s started to get a grey beard and whiskers. I’m sure there will be plenty more posts about the boy but for now here are some photos to aww at.


Chilled out pup

He had fun at the park!

He had fun at the park!

Being pampered with a doggy massage

Being pampered with a doggy massage





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