The Jelly crisis

There is so much bad news around at the moment but it seems only I have noticed the recent issues surrounding jelly. I love jelly, It’s the perfect little extra for my packed lunch and the fact it wobbles is just an added bonus! But the prices of jelly recently have been unsteady to say the least. The pots were 55p a few months back, a tad expensive in my opinion then they went to 25p – imagine my excitement – now we’re at 45p! What is going on!?

Crisis in a pot!

Crisis in a pot!

Lets look at the numbers. I need 5 for a week of lunches and there are 52 weeks in a year. So at 55p it’s £143, 25p its £65, 45p its £117. OMG – £143 on JELLY!? I’m going on jelly strike! See how you like that Hartley’s!

Back to work today after a nice 4 day weekend and i only napped once! We did a free craft market on Saturday, it was nice to be back on the stall again. Watching people laugh and smile at your cards is an amazing feeling. We had two new designs on show which I knocked up the night before – they proved popular too!

Moustache tree Christmas Card Hairy Hall of Fame Birthday Card

Today the most random thing happened at work. Someone had a dump on the stairwell in the library! A poo. In the library. And someone slipped in it! Why or how did someone do that? It was a perfectly constructed piece of shit too and believe me when i say that it definitely smelt like a genuine poo. It gets a bit much when you have to add that to the signage – no talking, no mobiles, no eating, no pooing! As you would imagine no one came forward to claim the poop, let’s hope the phantom poo-er doesn’t rear it’s ugly turtle head tomorrow!


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