This way up —->

This morning began with me discovering a giant fly using my work mug as a swimming pool! Disgusting! On the plus side at least it wasn’t a shit floating about after yesterday’s little suprise deposit!


We won the quiz last night, the one night there was actually a prize! £5 each – yes please! Judging by the current jelly prices, that’s 11 with some change! Bonus! It’s a shame my luck didn’t last much longer after i bummed out on Play your cards right after the second card. What are the chances of having a 4 so going higher only for a number 2 to come out, so to speak!

I saw this when i went into Sainburys and got a flithy look from the old grot bag unpacking them. I can only presume that they unpacked this over a long period of time and the earth had been rotating throughout…

Which way?

Which way?

One of the reasons i wanted to blog was so I could look back and remember the things I had seen and done over the years, I’ve already been shocked looking back at some of my previous posts – Mrs Smith knows which ones I mean! Haha! Sometimes however it’s the little things I achieve and see, like this man who I thought at first look was cycling naked from the waist down!


And the lady who can’t quite seem to do her job of putting water in a cup and leaving the string bit of the teabag out. How hard can it be!?





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