All a blur

Poo-gate has reached the online student paper! We still have no leads on the owner but in typical media fashion it has all been blown out of proportion as cleaners were supposed ‘PANICKED’ about the poo. Panicked!? Like they had never seen a shit before!? As someone that was present, and not the dumper may I add, there was definitely no panic. Just sheer disbelieve and amusement! And the cleaner is clearly a man and well and truly had hold of his ‘own shit’ – get your facts right people!

I had only been at work 10 minutes today when i managed to stand on my glasses breaking them completely! The arm has broken off and because of the style there is no way to re-attach it. My glasses now look like ones you would get at the opera or oprah as I mispelt! Not even celotape could save me so I had to try and manage like this.. it was not fun!


Just a short one tonight because i need to put a wash on and finish this bloody website whilst squinting!



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